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Summer Series: Time Castaways

Time Castaways: The Mona Lisa Key, by Leisl Shurtliff

· MG Books
Time Castaways: The Mona Lisa Key, by Leisl Shurtliff

We're waiting on our library to get the sequel to this... It's a fun time travel romp, but as always with time travel, it's makes my head hurt a bit thinking about it.

Mateo, Ruby and Corey have one family rule: stick together. So when Corey runs off without his lunch onto the subway, Mateo and Ruby go with him ...and they're rescued by a time ship, the Vermillion, which changes shape to fit each time and place it goes.

Once on board the Vermillion, it's be loyal to the captain or off you go. Rather than be stranded in time, the kids help the crew rob the Mona Lisa -- yes, that Mona Lisa, of the ubiquitous smile -- from a thief in 1911.

Hidden in the back of the painting is a key...but why does the captain want it? And why does he insist Mateo can "foremember" -- remember before he's done something -- events to solve the puzzle of where in time it is?


Then they travel back in time to a pivotal Mets game, and the kids run into a teenage version of their father, and Mateo realizes he can control time, just a bit. The kids figure out the captains plans, or at least they think they do, and he time strands them on a deserted island.


No spoilers, you'll have to read the rest to find out what happens. I'm afraid of giving away too much, you never know with time travel books what's going to be a spoiler of future events!

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