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Short Story Questions

Guys Read, Short Stories with Comprehension Questions

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As a teacher, I was always looking for new and different reading for my students, which sent me to many, many different publisher's sites looking for teaching guides. Every now and then I'd run across something that became a "go-to" resource; something that, once I knew where it was, I could count on it, in a pinch.

The Guys Read series of short stories was one of those resources.

The Guys Read short story collections are older works by now. However, on a limited teacher's budget, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It meant I could find copies in plentiful quantities in used book stores at a fraction of the retail price, which meant I could buy multiple copies and loan them out to students -- and not stress if I never saw them again.

6 Book Guys Read Collection

In addition, the publisher's reading guide questions that accompany each story - awesome, right? - made the short stories a quick, easy "alternative" assignment for my students. There are only 2-3 questions per story, but that was generally all that was needed to keep students focused and reading.

Harper Collins offers hundreds of these reading guides for its books, so to make it easier, here's the direct link to the page with the Guys Read reading guides. The only Guys Read books it doesn't offer questions for are Heroes and Villains and Thriller. But they're still great to have on the bookshelf in case of emergency!

There's one additional volume, Guys Write for Guys Read, which doesn't have a free teaching guide, but my favorite site, Teachers Pay Teachers, offers a set of comprehension questions for the stories for a mere $3.

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