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He Can Avoid Bullies Until...

The Tornado, by Jake Burt

· MG Books
The Tornado, by Jake Burt

Bell's in middle school and he's an expert at picking up on people's patterns, their habits, the things they do every day, in certain circumstances, and recording them in his notebook for later analysis.

He learns to use this data and the ability it gives him to predict what the bullies in school are going to do, routinely, and where they'll be when, and how to avoid them.

It all works until...the Tornado, Daelynn, walks into class and spellbinds Bell -- and just about everybody else in school, too. Suddenly, Bell's systems for avoidance go all wonky and he can't predict who'll be where when to avoid them.


Worse, he can see the disaster forming, the way tornado chasers watch the terrible cones form in the sky and reach for the Earth through their camera lenses, but everything he does to try to stop this one just makes it bigger and bigger until...

I won't spoil the end. Just know, Bell learns that human beings are full of surprises, routinely. It's a great read!

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