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Got this on your calendar for April?

Revise and Resub begins April 18th!

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This is my year for figuring out what's out there, as far as help with my manuscript goes, and entering mentoring contests.

Like the others, I've never done this one. This is all new and different. From the website:

"In this contest, authors will be eligible to receive feedback and developmental edits on their full fiction manuscript from professional editors, ensuring their works are polished and ready for those agent inboxes. Not only will authors be immersed in a supportive community of their peers, they will also have the chance to learn more about how their story fits into the industry and obtain understanding of why different edits matter and how to continue practicing them in the future. "

Who's eligible? Again, from the website:

  • Your submission materials are your own original work
  • The manuscript you are submitting has never been published before
  • You are not represented by a literary agent
  • No projects under 25,000 words (including poetry, chapter books, and picture books) or non-fiction.

The website says nothing about audience -- adult, YA, MG, chapter books, etc. -- or genres. I'm assuming I'll need to check out the editors, when they're announced March 13, and they'll have wish lists, like in other contests.

You get to choose two editors and one alternate.

The submission window is super-short: April 18 & 19 only. For the full calendar of dates (editors announced, #AskEditors session, etc.) click here.

Post your queries to your FB and Twitter groups for suggestions.

And unlike in other contests, you get the questions you'll be asked on the submission form. So take advantage of this and write your answers ahead of time. Get additional eyes on them. Edit and polish, before April.


Good luck! Let me know if you enter, and I'll cheer for you!

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