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Write On Con's Free Public Critique Forums Open Today

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Write On Con's Free Public Critique Forums

I've done this online conference the last two years in a row.

Their online forums open today and you can get some awesome help on your materials for querying -- query letters, synopsis, first few pages. You do have to register, but it's easy and free. I'd advise reading the whole page, before you start posting.

The conference also isn't expensive -- $15 for full admission, and I like it because I don't have to physically be anywhere. You can pay more to have longer access to the panels, etc.

If you want to see who's participating in the forums, visit this page:

Write On Con Free Forums

There's also a live pitching event Feb. 18-20.


I know February is full of opportunities for authors -- so take a deep breath. There's another opportunity for SCBWI members worth noting next week, as well. I've posted about it before but I'll do another post next week.

If you miss one or even all of these things, it's good just to know they're out there, for next year.

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