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Cancelled due to Corona Virus

Tucson Festival of Books, March 14-15

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Tucson Festival of Books

Well, it's official. It's cancelled. Sorry, folks. There's always next year.

March 6, 2020

It's not quite upon us yet, but almost! Time to make your battle plans. The Tucson Festival of Books, March 14-15 is right around the corner.

Panels fill up fast, some require registration online ahead of time, others you have to arrive in advance and get a ticket and wait. All the kid authors appear in one big color-coded, almost orange block on the schedule.

Make a note of the changes. It looks like Thanhha Lai has cancelled all of her appearances. So has Carole Boston Weatherfield.

Don't forget to take parking into consideration. Bring $40 just for parking, if you plan on leaving at any point and coming back (I don't recommend it).

And don't forget the mobs of people. It's spill-over-the-sidewalk-on-both-sides jam packed with people and their dogs, every year (watch where you step!).

Most importantly, buy a few new books and have fun!

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