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American Revolution Reads

Year of the Hangman, by Gary Blackwood & The Notorious Benedict Arnold, by Steve Sheinkin

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I found these two texts paired nicely with each other, and taught them in 7th/8th grade English Language Arts - Notorious hit the nonfiction literature standards, and Hangman hit the ELA historical fiction standards. For Social Studies, they both hit 8th grade, American Revolution, S1.C4.PO1-6.

The excellent Northshore School District, in Washington state, offers this Year of the Hangman chapter-by-chapter comprehension question guide for teachers.

Year of the Hangman, by Gary Blackwood

I wrote these questions, after purchasing a commercially available reading guide. I needed a resource that students could complete in a short amount of time, after listening to the audio book at the beginning of each class. It closely follows CC ELA standards for 7th grade.

The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism & Treachery
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